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Existence (Part 5) – Island Shore

While the concept of everything lies within the fathomable its actual form only casts a shadow in my mind. A promise of it being there, but with edges faded and unclear.

Even though the concept of everything is fathomable, its actual form is not. It is an unending sea of unfathomable mystery that only gives rise to islands of fathomable.

Our first island contained nothing from our everyday reality. Nothing about the chair you sit on, the air you breathe, the space you move through or the time that ages you. Instead, it described how “nothing” is but a concept without any bases in existence. A statement that in turn dictates the existence of everything. Not just as a concept, but as a reality. Our most basic and deep reality. A reality so infinite it cannot ever be described or understood. Our minds can but dive into that infinite sea in the hope to explore more of the islands we hold as familiar. Islands that can only be observed by our minds.

But how does one continue? If our local existence is but an island of fathomable, we now merely know about the ocean of unfathomable it resides in.

We might not be able to answer how something that starts in the unfathomable ends up being fathomable, as I imagine the answer to that question to lie in the unfathomable itself.

To continue, we will have to change the starting point. Instead of starting with nothing, we will start at one of the islands most familiar to us. Now it is time to start thinking about the air we breathe and the chair we sit on. Heck, we might even include time and space.

In the next series I will focus more on our local existence. Using observations combined with the mind. Even though this is a more classical approach I hope to give a new and unique perspective to the reality we know. With countless islands left unexplored, the next series we marvel and wonder at the existence we think to know. Our familiar existence.